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A Quick Guide To Ball Valves

A ball valve is a simple, two-part, chambered control valve commonly used in hydraulic, pneumatic, and liquid plumbing systems. Ball valves are used to shut off the flow of liquid or gas, adjust it to a limited level, or redirect flow on a two-forked connector (when used in conjunction with another ball valve). A ball valve is omnidirectional (and can be used as such) but is usually used to control a one-way liquid or gas flow.

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When Should I Upgrade My Hydraulic Valves?

When a system functions properly, operators rarely think about hydraulic valves. When hydraulic valves give a reason to think about them, it usually means they need repair or replacement! Malfunctions, leaks and breakdowns can result in unexpected expenses and downtime. Continue reading “When Should I Upgrade My Hydraulic Valves?”