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How Do FESTO Solenoid Valves React to Test Pulses?

If you operate a FESTO electromechanical solenoid valve as any part of a hydraulic or fluid control system, setting up a regular testing schedule is essential. Electrical test pulses ensure the internal magnetic mechanism still performs to the excellent standard expected. Here’s how it works:

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The 5 Top Advantages of Using Hydraulic Thermoplastic Hoses

Keeping ambient heat under control is a challenge in many hydraulic systems. Fluid pressure, motion, and moving parts all raise the temperature, making user safety and smooth running far trickier to maintain. One effective way to reduce the risks and challenges of ambient heat is by investing in thermoplastic hydraulic hoses.

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Why Your Hydraulic System Should Be Kept Free Of Air

Generally speaking, hydraulic oil pollutants are classed as substances that prevent the fluid from working properly. Air is one such substance, so when it finds its way into the oil, remedial action is needed to keep the fluid and other parts of the hydraulic system protected.
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What Are Service Plugs And What Features Should I Look For In One?

A service plug is a resistant device that can be placed in an open hydraulic pipeline or chamber inlet or outlet to stop leaks, spillages, and unintentional drainage. They are used when a machine has stopped and is being maintained and should never be used on a running hydraulic system, or one that is cooling after having recently been shut down.

Service plugs come in many different shapes and sizes to fit different types of hydraulic pipe and nozzle. They are usually a simple, high-resilience piece of moulded rubber shaped into a wedge, with a broad top ridge for easy removal. They’re used in industrial, plumbing, and catering machines, but are most popular for use in hydraulic control and maintenance.

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How To Choose The Best Compression Fittings

Choosing the correct compression fittings for hydraulic systems is essential to ensure the quality of the seal, maintain optimum hose pressure, and reduce the possibility of torqueing. Incorrect, poorly fitted, or malfunctioning compression fittings pose a severe risk of injury. Despite their tiny size, compression fittings play a vital role in ensuring fluid transmission takes place safely, without the risk of hoses or tubes becoming detached.

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Where Can I Buy Reliable Hydraulic Tube Fittings?

If you’re assembling hydraulic equipment, or need to upgrade components in an existing system, you must use high quality, durable and reliable hydraulic fittings. Components need to withstand excesses of pressure and temperature and any failure in the system could cause potentially catastrophic results, leading to damage to the equipment and serious injury to operators.

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5 Basics Of Measuring A Hydraulic Fitting

A diligent approach to measuring a hydraulic fitting can help you avoid leaks and downtime. Even to a professional, two hydraulic fittings can look identical while being completely different. An incorrectly sized fitting may seem to fit at first, but with time it can cause problems throughout your system. Continue reading “5 Basics Of Measuring A Hydraulic Fitting”

A Quick Hydraulic Fittings Guide

Hydraulic fittings may seem small and even insignificant. However, without them, a hydraulic system is useless. When these fittings are damaged or incorrectly installed, the whole system may work improperly and eventually give out.

The variety of hydraulic fittings is impressive, and only a professional can tell you which one is needed for the particular part of your hydraulic system. This quick hydraulic fittings guide can give you sufficient information to take the first steps toward understanding this small yet integral part of your hydraulic system. Continue reading “A Quick Hydraulic Fittings Guide”