How To Prevent Dangerous Leaks In Hydraulic Hoses

A leak from a hydraulic hose spells danger. The highly pressured liquids used in hydraulic systems can pose a significant risk to personnel and property in the workplace, producing spillages that can cause slips and falls, creating a fire danger that could be potentially devastating. Chemical or corrosive liquids can cause life-changing injuries, such as severe burns, damage to eyesight or impaired breathing, and may also be carcinogenic.

Fortunately, leaking hoses are easy to spot, but administering repairs, as well as cleaning up spilled hydraulic fluids, is time-consuming and logistically difficult. Repairing damaged or worn hoses also means taking equipment out of service, affecting production and damaging profitability. As with many problems in industry, prevention – rather than the cure – is the best answer. Continue reading “How To Prevent Dangerous Leaks In Hydraulic Hoses”

6 Things To Look Out For When Selecting The Right Industrial Hose

Your system is only as durable as your weakest industrial hose – this statement works for any system and equipment that uses hoses. Even though hoses may look the same, they are highly sophisticated and diverse.

Choosing the wrong hose can lead to leaks, breakdowns, and potentially complete system failure. In order to select the right industrial hose, you need to take a careful approach to several parameters. Continue reading “6 Things To Look Out For When Selecting The Right Industrial Hose”