3 Festo Pneumatic Valves To Consider

Choosing a pneumatic valve may be complicated especially if you don’t know the right company to turn to. Festo is one of the leading pneumatic valve manufacturers in the world. They offer high performance products at reasonable prices.

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When you are looking for a pneumatic valve, these Festo products may be the best ones to consider.

1) Festo Pneumatic Flow Control Valves

Flow control or one-way flow control valves are designed to control the pneumatic drive’s piston speed during advance and return strokes. The results are achieved by restricting the flow rate of the compressed air in exhaust or supply air direction.

With one-way valves, the flow control only works in a single direction (supply or exhaust). A flow control valve works in both directions. The flow control feature allows creating an adjustable annular gap inside the valve. The adjustment can be made with a slotted head or a knurled screw.

Festo flow control valves to consider include GR-QS. They come in different diameters depending on the system requirements.

2) Festo Pneumatic Shut-off Valves

Festo shut off valves can be used for numerous applications. They provide functional support and reliable control methods. These valves come at a reasonable price. They are small and lightweight as well as precise and accurate.

Shut-off valves block and control compressed air. They are vital in many high pressure applications where leaks can be dangerous. Shut off valves are a requirement for fluid power systems. The ability to turn off the supply pressure is integral to protecting the system and the operators.

Festo shut-off valves to consider include HE-2-QS. The series comes in different diameters depending on the system requirements.

3) Festo Pneumatic Solenoid Valves

Using Festo solenoid valves allows efficient conversion of electrical signals into pneumatic functions. When the electric current is applied to the solenoid, it directs the air through the valve and into the circuit.

Festo solenoid valves to consider include the MFH series. These are suitable for numerous pneumatic applications and come with 5/2 or 3/2 way function in a variety of G thread pipe sizes, depending on the type of connection your system needs. These valves can be installed on PAL manifold strips or PRS manifold blocks.

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