What Are Compact Hydraulic Power Units?

compact hydraulic power units

Compact hydraulic power units are self-contained devices used to generate and regulate the flow of pressurised hydraulic fluid within a fluid power system, which is then transmitted through hoses for use in controlling machines. In this article, we will outline the different components of a compact hydraulic power unit, discuss motor options for these units and explain how gear pumps are used in most of these systems.

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Features And Design

Compact hydraulic power units consist of a series of pumps, tanks, motors, and other components used to transform mechanical energy into hydraulic power while minimising energy dissipation.

  • Motor Options

Compact hydraulic power units typically come with one or more motors that provide power to the system. The most common types of motors used in these units are DC motors with 12 or 24 volts and AC motors with 120 or 220 Vac units. Their modular design allows for great design flexibility when it comes to component selection – you can choose the type of motor that best fits your power output needs.

  • Safety Features

Most compact hydraulic power units come with integrated relief valves and check valves included as part of their design. These features improve safety during operation by safeguarding the unit against overpressure or excessive temperature fluctuations.

  • Gear Pumps

Most modern systems incorporate variable-displacement gear pumps, allowing them to adjust their output as needed depending on the application, as well as regulate pressure and flow control. Gear pumps are the most commonly used in compact hydraulic power units because of the way they combine reliable performance with long-term efficiency. Gear pumps operate by transferring fluid from one chamber to another, allowing them to work in synergy with other components in the system to optimise energy efficiency.


Compact power units provide an efficient and cost-effective method for delivering a strong production force to boost productivity in a range of applications – and are frequently deployed in the manufacturing, fabricating, food processing and construction sectors to provide reliable power with minimal space requirements, and often deliver higher energy efficiency when compared to other energy sources.

Why Specify A Compact Hydraulic Power Unit For Your Project?

Unlike large hydraulic pumps, these smaller and lighter systems offer superior control and flexibility, from providing a variety of motor speeds, to adjusting the direction and pressure of the output stream. Compact hydraulic power units also operate at cooler temperatures than other systems, which allows quieter operation with minimal downtime. Besides increased safety and convenience, compact hydraulic power units can save businesses time, money, and energy on project delivery due to their versatility—they can be easily adjusted to service different applications across a variety of industries.

Next Steps

Compact hydraulic power units are an invaluable asset in the modern industrial landscape. To find out more, or for support selecting the best hydraulic components and machinery for your fluid power application, please contact Hydrastar today on 01353 721704.

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