Supplier Profile: Festo

If you work with pneumatics, the chances are that you will recognise the famous Festo brand. Known for its high-quality solutions, Festo is a trailblazer in pneumatic circuit design. Hydrastar has worked in partnership with Festo for over 25 years, and strongly endorses the service of this crucial company. Here is an updated profile:

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Automating Industries Across The World


Throughout its century-long history, Festo has developed pneumatic systems for a diverse range of applications. Examples include actuators, servo motors, sensors, vacuum technology, valves, and valve terminals. Festo has also made a name for itself as one of the global leaders in cutting-edge industrial robotics, with the long-held company vision being “curiosity, courage, and adaptability”. This enables Festo to weather any unpredictable market changes, while ensuring that clients are consistently ahead of the curve in terms of innovative technology.


Ahead Of The Game


Festo brings to market a diverse field of expertise. This means that their solutions are comprehensive, ambitious, and forward thinking. The company has a strong and committed corporate identity that places reliability and integrity at its core. For clients and partners, this means that quality and support are finely honed and guaranteed. The combination of advanced solutions, strategic investment, and organisational confidence place Festo well ahead of the competition in terms of overall value. This is passed on to customers, who know that they can trust Festo’s promises.


Sustainable Options


Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of the Festo methodology. Festo explain that prioritising sustainability ensures that customers, partners, and suppliers have security and confidence in their pneumatic equipment. Rather than focusing on short life cycles and built-in obsolescence, the Festo strategy is to create premium components with healthy lifespans and smooth upgrades. This helps to conserve resources while enabling a consistent commitment to designing and embracing new technologies.


Hydrastar And Festo


Hydrastar is proud to be a Festo-accredited supply partner. This means that clients can be supplied with market-leading technology that is guaranteed to reduce downtime and increase efficiency. We stock over 50,000 industrial products, with rapid dispatch available to any business in the UK. Whether you need a replacement fitting or a new service unit, in combination with Festo, Hydrastar will deliver. For more information about upgrading to the latest range of Festo parts, give us a call today.


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Image source: Festo