What Are Bearings In Hydraulic Cylinders, And Do They Matter?

Shafts in hydraulic systems that are exposed to loads at right angles to the axis of movement must be fitted with a bearing. In heavy-duty hydraulic applications, the bearing selection is critical, as they must be able to sustain heavy alternating loads, heavy static loads, and shock loads.

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Why Bearings In Hydraulic Cylinders Are Important

A cylinder usually requires two bearings, one on the piston rod and one on the other piston. Oil-impregnated bronze, which is often chosen for the piston rod bearing to provide support for the rod for side loads and prevent misalignment, is a powdered metal that releases oil as it wears. This prevents galling between the rod and the bushing.

In most cases, one-piece bushings are the most suitable choice to support loads, as they offer an excellent surface area for exceptional alignment. The surface area is key for the bearing to be able to support loads. Sometimes, a longer bushing will not fit inside a standard cylinder head, so it may be necessary to choose a custom option (an oversized rod, for example, will offer better column strength and support from a bearing with a larger diameter).

Spherical Plain Bearings In Hydraulic Cylinders

Spherical plain bearings are used widely in hydraulic cylinders. Comprising inner and outer rings with spherical sliding contact surfaces, these bearings can efficiently bear a radial load, axial load, or a combination of radial and axial load. They are mainly used for low speed swing motion (angular motion) and, because the sliding surface is spherical, they can also tilt within a given angle range.

Spherical plain bearings are available in different designs, including:

-Radial spherical plain bearings.

-Angular contact spherical plain bearings.

-Thrust spherical plain bearings.

-Rod ends with male or female thread, or a welding shank.

At Hydrastar, we stock a full range of sliding bearings that vary in according to the bearing’s size, width, and sealing. All our bearings comply with ISO quality assurance standards, offering exceptional performance and superior durability.

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