What is a ‘Smart’ Fluid Power System?

Man Wearing Orange Hard Hat using Smart Fluid Power Systems

Smart fluid power systems can drive efficiency savings and improve flexibility and visibility for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, so that manufacturers can identify the location of the actuator at any stage of the process. With readily available feedback and diagnostic information, it’s quicker to enact repairs and complete troubleshooting as required.

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How Smart Sensors Are Impacting On Fluid Power Systems

Many manufacturers have already incorporated closed-loop control into their systems, with traditional sensors delivering continuous or end-of-stroke feedback and process monitoring. While these help to achieve improved automation outcomes, smart sensors offer greater versatility and responsiveness with features such as automatic configuration, detailed diagnostics, and condition monitoring.

The success of hydraulic or pneumatic processes depends on system reliability, so accurate sensing is essential. However, traditional methods, such as pressures gauges, can be difficult to read in some environments or on mobile equipment. Smart sensors are a reliable and accurate alternative, providing both continuous measurement values and diagnostic information, such as the number of power cycles or maximum pressure. When equipment fails, parameters stored in the sensor controller can be automatically sent to the replacement device, reducing downtime.

Smart sensors are used in many ways in fluid power systems, including:

-Level measurement

-Pressure valves

-Leak detection

-Temperature measurement

-Flow measurement

-Valve position

How Smart Sensors Are The Future Of Fluid Power Systems

Smart sensors, which are ‘Industry 4.0’ Internet of Things (IIoT) enabled, are likely to be an important driver in the market for hydraulic equipment, as smart platforms become increasingly available in many applications. Smart technology allows sensors to be integrated with pumps, cylinders, and hoses to improve power density or minimise oil leakage from machinery. The evolving role of electrification in hydraulics and pneumatics will further increase the relevance of smart sensors to many applications and, already, technology designed to embed smart technology in fluid power systems is commonplace.

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