What’s The Best Lubricant For Agricultural Hydraulic Machinery?

Choosing the right engine oil for your car is well-known to be a confusing business, with a seemingly endless array of oil types, viscosities, and ingredients to consider.

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Selecting lubricants for agricultural hydraulic machinery is not dissimilar: while hydraulic greases don’t usually have the compatibility issues of motor oil, there are some aspects to consider to ensure you use the most suitable product:

  • Grease for agricultural hydraulic machinery must be able to manage friction to prevent serious damage to components that would be time-consuming and expensive to repair.
  • Load, temperature, and speed can all be contributory factors to equipment failure, so selecting the best oils and grease for agricultural machinery may not be an exact science.

Why Fuchs Hydraulic Oil Is a Good Choice For Your Hydraulic Machinery

At Hydrastar, as experts in hydraulics, we understand the importance of choosing the right oils and grease for hydraulic machinery. The consequences of using an unsuitable product can be serious, with premature wear of components, equipment breakdown, and expensive repair bills likely.

Fuchs Hydraulic Oil is a mineral oil that offers excellent lubrication and resistance to aging. To improve protection against corrosion, additives are used, giving you peace of mind that your hydraulic machinery will be well-protected in the long-term.

The features of Fuchs Hydraulic Oil:

  • Excellent viscosity temperature behaviour.
  • Good wear protection.
  • Demulsifying.
  • Good air release.
  • Surpasses the minimum demands on HLP hydraulic oils according to DIN 51 524.2.

Fuchs Hydraulic Oil is suitable as a universal oil for all systems, including agricultural hydraulic machinery, offering excellent efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

What To Do If Problems Keep Occurring With Hydraulic Machinery

If, despite using our recommended hydraulic oil, you experience ongoing mechanical problems with your agricultural hydraulic equipment, get in touch with Hydrastar.

While inadequate or unsuitable oil is one possible cause of problems, other underlying issues may exist that require an expert opinion. Our specialist engineering team are available for on-site callouts, using advanced fault finding to identify problems in complex hydraulic systems. We can also recommend cost-effective solutions and even help to redesign your systems if necessary.

To find out more about our technical support services, please get in touch on 01353 721704.

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Image Source: Pixabay