Why We Prefer Festo Pneumatic Parts

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If you follow this blog, you’ll have noticed us regularly discussing Festo. We’ve made no secret of the fact that we are ardent supporters. Festo offers the best choice, affordability, quality, and lightning-fast delivery times for pneumatic part requirements. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Festo stand out from the competition.

Festo: A Brief Bio

Founded in 1925, Festo is a global leader in the design and manufacture of pneumatic and electrical automation technology. They supply products to 176 countries and have built a reputation for reliability and problem-solving. They are also known for research and development, meaning that Festo solutions are market leaders rather than followers.

How To Minimise Downtime With Pneumatic Plant & Machinery

Can Festo Pneumatic Parts Integrate With Other Brands?

Yes. The Festo business model is to be “fast, flexible, and productive”, and this means offering a solution for every need. Festo aims to minimise downtime with its wide availability. As such, it has three strategies:

  1. A large product range
  2. Universal applications
  3. Variety within each range

This tri-focused strategy aims to cover every base. For instance, Festo has six different types of pneumatic silencers. Within these six are a wide choice of variants, and compatibility with 17 types of connecting threads. Some of the silencers are designed to work with specific Festo products. Others have been constructed with universality in mind. This example of variety extends to their portfolio.

Does Festo Have A Good Product Range?

Yes. One of the reasons that Hydrastar endorses Festo pneumatic products is that they have the most extensive range in Europe. The core product range has over 2,200 components. Moreover, the list is growing. Festo sets itself apart from the competition by investing around 9% of its €3.1 billion annual revenue into research and development, meaning that millions are pumped into refining and expanding product lines. The result is hundreds of new product releases every year, and guaranteed solutions for minimising downtime.

Festo pneumatic parts include:

  • Pneumatic drives
  • Servo-pneumatic positioning systems
  • Pneumatic fittings systems
  • Cylinders
  • Silencers
  • Assembly tools
  • Compressed air storage components
  • Air guns and nozzles
  • Pneumatic displays
  • Inscription systems

What Is The Evidence For Reliability?

Festo adheres to stringent ISO quality standards. These include:

  • ISO/TC 118/SC 1 (process compressors)
  • ISO/TC 118/SC 3 (pneumatic tools and machines)
  • ISO/TC 118/SC 4 (compressed air treatment technology)
  • ISO/TC 118/SC 6 (air compressors and compressed air systems)

Together, these incorporate 81 published standards.

Festo also regularly contributes to academic research into design and quality, particularly as the company has developed an international reputation as the go-to option for robotics. The extensive demands of developing the complex mechanics required for bionic hands is one example of how Festo’s boundary pushing boosts the entire product catalogue for all industries.

Expertise And Reliability

At Hydrastar, we use our expertise to find the highest quality branded parts at competitive prices. Nobody wants downtime, but a rapid turnaround shouldn’t mean sacrificing longevity or value. Festo tick every box – from excellent sense to excellent quality. To learn more, download the Hydrastar guide to How To Minimise Downtime today.

How To Minimise Downtime With Pneumatic Plant And Machinery.