How To Choose The Right Gates Crimping Machine

Selecting the right crimping machine for your workshop is a decision that you cannot afford to get wrong. Accurate crimping is essential, not only for the efficient operation of hydraulic machinery and the prevention of costly downtime, but also for the safety of personnel. The extremely high-pressure level in hydraulics systems increase the risk of a hose detachment, which could cause the sudden and uncontrolled release of hot liquids, causing serious or life-changing injuries to machine operatives and bringing your production line to an immediate halt.

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Correct crimping isn’t something that can be achieved through guesswork. At Hydrastar, we supply a range of Gates hydraulic hose crimpers, so you can complete your own hose assemblies, thereby saving time and money and minimising machinery downtime, but without fear of a dangerous hose detachment.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gates Crimping Machine

So, what are the key factors you should think about when deciding which Gates crimping machine is most suited to your needs?

  • Where Will The Crimping Machine Be Used?

Some crimping machines are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them suitable for use in field operations. The MC 1001 and MCX 20, for example, deliver full functionality for field use without compromising on the quality of the crimp, meaning you can quickly assemble your own hydraulics systems without the need for time-consuming technical intervention. The MCX 25 is also available with a DC power pack for a mobile crimping service.

  • What Diameter Hose Do You Need To Crimp?

It’s vital that your crimping machine has the capability to crimp hose up to the required diameter. The consequences of crimping hose with the incorrect machine could be disastrous, as an insecure crimp will be achieved and magnify the risk of a hose detachment.

The crimping diameters of our Gates machines are:

  • MC 1001: no-skive MegaCrimp couplings for wire-braid hose up to a diameter of 1”.
  • MCX 20: no-skive MegaCrimp couplings for wire-braid hose up to a diameter of 1.25” and no-skive GlobalSpiral couplings up to 1”.
  • MCX 25: no-skive MegaCrimp couplings for wire-braid hose up to a diameter of 1.25” and no-skive GlobalSpiral couplings up to 1”.
  • MCX 30: the complete Gates range up to 1.25”.
  • MCX 50: six spiral wire hose up to 2”.
  • What Capability Of Crimping Machine Do You Require?

Some crimping machines, such as the MCX 25, are more suited to low-volume work in small workshops or as a starter machine where operatives have limited prior experience. In comparison, the MCX 50 is a robust solution for high-volume applications, with a front plate design that facilitates a greater crimp capability, including the crimping of special or unusual configurations.

  • What Accessories Do You Require?

Productivity is key in many workshops, so access to a range of accessories can also help to inform your decision about which crimping machine to use. The Gates hydraulic hose crimping machine range offers different accessories, including:

  • Storage rack for easy access to die sets
  • Foot pedal for hands-free operation
  • Marking dies for compliance with European Machine Directives
  • Quick die change for fast and simple change of dies

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To find out more about our Gates hydraulic hose crimpers, please get in touch with our expert engineers today. We can provide exceptional technical advice to help you to choose the right crimping machine for your applications, eliminating the risk of a serious accident and enabling you to create your own hose assemblies quickly and safely.

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