Gates Hoses: 4 Advantages Of The Gates Integrated System Approach

Being able to manufacture your own hose assemblies is crucial for a highly functioning, safe, and profitable workplace. The Gates self-assembly system offers enhanced flexibility and versatility, reducing costly hydraulic machinery downtime, alleviating health risks to personnel, and extending your servicing capabilities. Cost savings follow, as your hydraulic equipment achieves higher levels of productivity and reliability, and maintenance is less frequent and time-consuming.

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The Gates Integrated System Approach: Enhancing Value

With the Gates Integrated System Approach, the real value of the Gates self-assembly system can be achieved. Factory-standard assemblies can be created that exceed international standards and comply fully with the European Machinery Directive, offering you and your customers the reassurance that your hydraulic system will deliver exceptional reliability and safety.

At Hydrastar, we specialise in the design and installation of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, with a highly trained team of technical experts who can create complete solutions for any industry. By taking the time to understand the unique needs of your business, our expert team can help you to reap the following benefits of the Gates Integrated System Approach:

  • Reduced Machinery Downtime

With the Gates Integrated System Approach, all hoses and couplings are manufactured to the highest standards and rigorous tolerances, guaranteeing that they will perform to exacting standards for longer. More reliable performance means less machinery downtime, helping to secure enhancements in productivity and efficiency, without the expense and inconvenience of unexpected technical problems.

  • Optimum Efficiency

The Gates self-assembly machines facilitate quick and simple production of different hose and coupling combinations to meet the needs of any workshop set-up. The Gates dies feature a special proprietary profile design that means a flawlessly cylindrical crimp can be created, improving performance and durability. As Gates dies are subjected to a demanding process of testing and validation, you can be confident they will work tirelessly with no impact on efficiency.

  • Accurate Crimp Data

A trial-and-error approach to validating crimp settings is time-consuming and frustrating, so the Gates crimper is supplied with validated data for the entire hose and coupling range of products. This makes it easy to correctly set crimpers, with crimping diameters and instructions readily available online or on the eCrimp app.

  • Outstanding Performance And Quality

The Gates Integrated System Approach produces fully compliant, factory-quality components that meet or exceed international quality and safety standards. The Gates GlobalSpiral coupling assemblies, for example, will operate beyond one million impulse cycles: incredible durability that reduces the need for service and maintenance interruptions.

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