How To Control Highly Complex Processes Simultaneously Using The Festo Motion Terminal

The Festo Motion Terminal can help you achieve superior levels of pneumatic regulation for pressure, motion, and flow rate, with the benefits emerging at all stages of the value chain – both for OEMs and end users.

With the Festo Motion Terminal, those complex processes that can cause sluggishness and high levels of intervention in production can be controlled more precisely. So, what are its features and how can they benefit your manufacturing business?

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Selectable Pressure Level

With the Motion App Selectable Pressure Level, users can control up to eight double-acting cylinders in one system simultaneously. The performance for each cylinder is customised with the digitised pressure control, ensuring the working pressure is always accurate without needing external sensors. This enables you to reduce the consumption of compressed air.

Flow Control

Filling containers with gases is easier and more economical with the Flow Control app, which enables up to eight channels to be controlled at one time. Precise dosing reduces waste and saves gas, while the digitised control can be combined with the Selectable Pressure Level app to shorten the length of cycles.

Motion Terminal

With the Festo Motion Terminal, workpieces can be loaded more efficiently and smoothly, with vibration-free motion reducing cycle times and protecting the system from premature wear. Each travel speed can be set individually and digitally for optimum control, whether you’re punching holes, inserting seals, or placing stickers.

Motion Terminal also allows you to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously, such as the custom gripping of workpieces, contact monitoring for precise machining, and accelerated operation of safety doors.

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