New Addition To The Festo VTEM Range

Improving the flexibility of the pneumatic machines on your production line without overhauling the components is a key challenge for many businesses, but one that isn’t insurmountable.

 With the Festo VTEM Motion Terminal, digitally-driven smart Motion Apps enable greater precision when controlling piezo pneumatic valves, optimising your equipment’s flexibility and productivity.

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With the well-established VTEM variants with four or eight valves, and the new VTEM with two valves, there are real options to revolutionise your production line by improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption – with an outstanding ROI.

The New VTEM Variant with Two Valves

New the Festo VTEM range, the VTEM variant with two valves is a lightweight Motion Terminal suitable for applications that combine very small dimensions with full functionality, such as robot arms. This new addition to the range complements the two existing Festo VTEM products:

The VTEM Variant with Four Valves

A trusted all-rounder, the VTEM variant with four valves enables users to access more functions in parallel and make quick format changes with minimal intervention.

The VTEM Variant with Eight Valves

Ideal in situations where you need to carry out complex or multiple functions in parallel or in sequence, the VTEM variant with eight valves can be used with up to 16 individually regulated pressure channels and also can combine motion control with pressure control functions.

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