Need Hydraulic Or Pneumatic Parts In A Hurry? Order Today Through the Hydrastar Online Store!

Need Hydraulic Or Pneumatic Parts In A Hurry Order Today Through the Hydrastar Online Store!

Hydrastar is the premier choice for industrial buyers in the UK looking to purchase custom-designed and off-the-shelf hydraulic and pneumatic components, cylinders, motors, and pipelines. With over 50,000 different products in stock and available for rapid dispatch, we’ll have what you need.

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If you know what you’re looking for, ordering from Hydrastar is simple. Visit our website, pick the parts you need, and we’ll ship them out to you. If not, get in touch – our experts can talk you through the selection, design, and implementation of any hydraulic or pneumatic system.

We also offer a custom hydraulic or pneumatic design service alongside our part supply. Talk to us to learn more. We ship worldwide – with free shipping on orders over £250.00! Next day delivery is also available (for a small fee). Here’s a preview of what we can supply to you and your business.


If you’re working with hydraulics, we supply everything you will need to build or repair a system from scratch. Our Gates hydraulic hoses, White hydraulic motors and self-assembling pumps and control boards create a plug-and-play system of modular parts that work superbly together. Webtec instruments (including gauges, indicators, and inline flow monitoring) provide our data relays to an excellent, exacting, digitally-precise standard.

Our assorted range of valves, hosing, and filters will help to make your designs the best they can be. For maintenance and repairs, we stock industry-standard YELLOC service equipment and Fuchs lubricants, alongside a wide selection of O-ring and ball valve quick replacement parts.


Festo is our go-to manufacturer for pneumatic components. We stock pneumatic valves, cylinders, airlines, fittings, sensors, joints and more besides – all as part of the same modular kit. Both rotary and direct-action actuating cylinders are available. All are compatible with most major brands of compressor. Our Festo air guns are a great choice for cleaning, finishing, and levelling. They’re a reliable tool for use in places where power washing just isn’t viable, economical, practical, or safe.

Industrial Parts

As well as industrial-strength hydraulics and pneumatics, Hydrastar provide accessories for high-power, high-pressure machines.

PCL supply most of our pneumatic special applicator range. Injector blowguns, adapted air couplings, tyre inflators, and coiled hoses are all available to order. PCL also provide our pneumatic filters – helping you to separate damaging water particulate from your pneumatic air intakes.

If you’re going to be adapting hydraulics or pneumatics to more mundane applications, we also offer a range of assorted components to make your life easier. Ask us about our wash-down, lubrication, and valve-and-hose fitting adaptors to learn more.

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Visit our online store to place your order today, or give us a call to speak to one of our advisers.

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