What Can I Use Hydraulics For?

What Can I Use Hydraulics For

A hydraulic machine is any device that uses confined, pressurised fluid to generate movement, lift, or strength. While using water or oil in this way is an ancient principle, advances in hydraulics mean that they’re commonly found today in industry, agriculture, leisure, and domestic spaces. Vehicles, too, rely on hydraulics to power their brakes, steering, and retractable components.

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Ferris wheels, motion simulators, and rollercoasters all rely on hydraulic rams, booms, and brakes to create and stop motion in a controlled manner. Stage lifts in theatres also use hydraulic mechanisms to switch scenery.


Cranes, low loaders, industrial saws, jackhammers, and excavators all use portable, scalable hydraulic systems to provide the strength and precision they need to carry out difficult, dangerous tasks on construction sites worldwide.

Compaction & Waste Disposal

In recycling and waste disposal, hydraulic presses are used to flatten materials and compact waste matter down into manageable chunks. Both bin lorries and landfill waste processors use hydraulic rams to increase the capacity and volume of rubbish that they can safely store. Metal recycling centres also use hydraulic compressors to crush used vehicles into a cube for recycling in under thirty minutes.


Hydraulic cylinders can be used to construct fixed or variable height lifts capable of reaching multiple floors. These are a safer, stronger alternative to traditional winch lifts.

Household Items

Bike brakes, dishwashers, office chairs, and water pistols are just a few everyday items that rely on small-scale hydraulics to work properly. Low-pressure movement of hydraulic fluid can be just as effective as pressurisation when it comes to generating a precise, sharp kinetic force.

Hydraulics From Hydrastar

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