What Is E-Crimp?

What Is E-Crimp

High quality hose assemblies are vital for the efficient and safe operation of hydraulic machinery. Incorrect hose assembly increases the potential for components to separate under extreme pressure, spraying hot fluid around the working environment. At the very least, this causes disruption to the production line while equipment is taken out of service and hydraulic fluid is cleaned up. In the worst case scenario, line operatives may be severely injured by hot or corrosive fluid, or hose whips.

Hydrastar supplies the full range of Gates crimping equipment to help you create robust and safe hose assemblies for your production line and minimise the possibility of hose lines separating – and the Gates eCrimp app will make your workshop even more efficient.

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What Is eCrimp?

Gates eCrimp is a pioneering app that will help you to quickly find the most up-to-date specifications for your crimping equipment. In seconds, you can have all the specifications you require at the touch of a screen, enabling you to create secure and safe hose assemblies for the production line.

Furthermore, eCrimp also provides essential crimping instructions, maintenance tips and troubleshooting information, so you always have an immediate mine of valuable information at your fingertips.


What Customisation Options Does eCrimp Offer?

eCrimp offers full customisation to ensure that you obtain exactly the right specifications for your hydraulic hose.

With a few simple taps, you can set the following attributes in the app:

  • Crimper
  • Die set
  • Hose type
  • Hose dash size
  • Stem type
  • Working pressure

Simply choose the search criteria from the pre-loaded data in the app (multiple values can be selected for each attribute) and click to load the specifications required. Results can be printed or converted to pdf format for ease of reference. eCrimp couldn’t be easier!

How Can eCrimp Benefit My Production Line?

eCrimp gives fast and free access to essential crimping specifications to ensure that your Gates hose assemblies meet or exceed international standards and full compliance with the European Machinery Directive, giving you complete confidence in the safety and efficiency of your workshop.

By eradicating the need to experiment to find the optimum setting, or to hunt through pages of complex information, eCrimp gives you instant access to the specifications you need to get your production line up and running quickly, with minimal downtime.


Where Can I Obtain Further Help?

eCrimp can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, or the app can be accessed on the Gates website (ecrimp.gates.com).

Alternatively, for expert professional advice about the full range of Gates crimping products, give us a call at Hydrastar. Our product range includes only the best quality components on the market, maximising your business’s production time and limiting equipment downtime, so your workshop can operate at full capacity and efficiency.

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