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Extreme Hydraulic Pressures? Try Extreme Health & Safety!

Hydraulic systems are incredibly useful for industrial, construction, and agricultural work. However, like any other machinery, they bring risks with their use. Working with or on a hydraulic system can be dangerous, particularly if you are inexperienced or are unaware of what could go wrong. Continue reading “Extreme Hydraulic Pressures? Try Extreme Health & Safety!”

4 Simple Steps To Fix A Broken Hydraulic Hose

4 Simple Steps to Fix a Broken Hydraulic Hose

The estimated lifespan of your typical hydraulic hose is around ten years. This may vary depending on the material used in construction, the intensity of use, where it’s used, and the stress it’s placed under. However, all hydraulic hoses run the risk of developing leaks, surface wear, and open splits given enough time. Any hydraulic system used outside or regularly exposed to the elements is at particular risk of critical failure. Continue reading “4 Simple Steps To Fix A Broken Hydraulic Hose”

A Quick Guide To Understanding Hydraulics

Hydraulics is the art of using Creating motion and force by compressing a dense fluid within a confined space. Modern hydraulic systems transfer kinetic energy through a liquid from a smaller trigger (or master) cylinder to another larger, moving cylinder, following the principles discovered by French mathematician Blaise Pascal in the 18th Century. Pascal’s Principle allows for a small but intense trigger force to translate into a heavy lift or push via a process called fluid transfer. Continue reading “A Quick Guide To Understanding Hydraulics”

Why We Prefer Festo Pneumatic Parts

If you follow this blog, you’ll have noticed us regularly discussing Festo. We’ve made no secret of the fact that we are ardent supporters. Festo offers the best choice, affordability, quality, and lightning-fast delivery times for pneumatic part requirements. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Festo stand out from the competition. Continue reading “Why We Prefer Festo Pneumatic Parts”

What Is A Pneumatic Silencer & Should You Invest?

Pneumatic silencers are also known as ‘mufflers’ and ‘pneumatic exhausts’. They reduce the noise of compressed air. However, there is a lot of confusion within the industry regarding the necessity of pneumatic silencers, what they do, and what to look for when making an investment. Continue reading “What Is A Pneumatic Silencer & Should You Invest?”

3 Most Common Hydraulic Components You Need For Every Build

3 Most Common Hydraulic Components You Need For Every Build









There are three well-known types of hydraulic motor: gear, vane, and piston. This trio has many colourful varieties and subtypes. As such, ‘every build’ will be a little different. However, there are some commonly used parts. Getting these wrong, or failing to maintain them, can lead to hydraulic system failure. Here’s a guide to the three most common parts, and why they matter. Continue reading “3 Most Common Hydraulic Components You Need For Every Build”

5 Advantages Of A Digital Hydraulic Tester

Keeping a hydraulic system running smoothly requires high levels of accurate diagnostics. Whether for preventative maintenance or reducing downtime in a crisis, speed and precision are crucial. Many people wonder whether investing in a digital hydraulic tester is worth it. Based on our feedback, here are the pros, the cons, and the overall verdict.

Continue reading “5 Advantages Of A Digital Hydraulic Tester”

Where To Buy Your Festo Pneumatic Parts In The UK

Timely maintenance and repair of your pneumatic system can save time, effort, and money. Having access to the right pneumatic parts can simplify the task while minimising downtime.

The first thing most engineering managers do when they need a pneumatic system component is to look for the nearest general wholesaler or trade merchant. However, buying products at general suppliers does not provide the personalised service required by many industries. Turning to a specialist Festo pneumatic parts supplier provides a wider choice, better value for money and improved after-sales support. Continue reading “Where To Buy Your Festo Pneumatic Parts In The UK”

How To Quickly & Safely Install Festo Pneumatic Cylinders

The quality of a pneumatic cylinder can determine the longevity of your system. If installed improperly, the cylinder can cause unexpected system breakdowns.

Festo pneumatic cylinders are designed to last for years. However, their lifecycle depends on the quality of the installation and the system’s operation frequency. Let’s talk about a quick and safe way to install these cylinders into your system.

Continue reading “How To Quickly & Safely Install Festo Pneumatic Cylinders”

6 Quick Tips To Easy Pneumatic Fittings Maintenance

Pneumatic fittings are among the simplest yet most important spare parts for your pneumatic system. Even though they aren’t expensive, if they stop doing their job you may need to replace costly components such as valves, tubes, and pipes. Continue reading “6 Quick Tips To Easy Pneumatic Fittings Maintenance”