How Compact Hydraulic Power Units Increase Efficiency And Reduce Downtime

A hydraulic motor to show how compact hydraulic power units increase efficiency and reduce downtime

Compact hydraulic power units are at the forefront of many industrial hydraulic applications due to their high performance and energy efficiency. These small, self-contained systems generate fluid flow to provide power to various hydraulic systems, and each compact power unit typically includes a motor, a hydraulic fluid reservoir, and an integrated pump, all designed in a compact form for space efficiency and portability.

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Compact hydraulic power units are suitable for various industrial applications, providing independent power to local machinery and loads where mains power is unavailable, or during a grid outage, thus ensuring the continuous operation of critical systems. Compact power units are also a central component in applications where space is at a premium. Examples include:

  • Mobile construction plant and machinery: compact hydraulic power units are frequently used in mobile construction plant and machines, controlling both main and auxiliary hydraulic functions.
  • Industrial applications: the construction, civil engineering, and mining/quarrying sectors often use these units due to their high-power output and compact size, and they are ideal for powering heavy machinery in these sectors.
  • Aerospace applications: in the aerospace industry, compact hydraulic power units are used in various systems due to their high pressure and flow range.
  • Sewage/black water treatment plants: compact hydraulic power units are commonly used in sewage treatment plants as backup power systems for pumps and other key components, integrating easily into existing power networks.

These units are not simply convenient where mains power is not available. Integrating compact hydraulic power units into your systems can also lead to increased productivity and reduced downtime, improving overall performance and cost effectiveness.

  • High power density – compact hydraulic power units deliver substantial power output relative to their compact size, making them extremely efficient.
  • Easy to maintain – with fewer moving parts than many mechanical power systems, compact hydraulic power units are easier and therefore cheaper to maintain, with less risk of unscheduled downtime.
  • Customisation – many compact power units can be customised to the needs of specific applications, allowing you to choose the size of the reservoir you need for maximum energy efficiency.

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