Where Can I Buy Reliable Hydraulic Tube Fittings?

Where Can I Buy Reliable Hydraulic Tube Fittings

If you’re assembling hydraulic equipment, or need to upgrade components in an existing system, you must use high quality, durable and reliable hydraulic fittings. Components need to withstand excesses of pressure and temperature and any failure in the system could cause potentially catastrophic results, leading to damage to the equipment and serious injury to operators.

Consequently, it is important to have absolute confidence in the hydraulic fittings you use so you can contain, control and direct the flow of the hydraulic pressure while guaranteeing consistent and reliable service.

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Gates’ Hydraulic Tube Fittings: For Durability, Reliability & A Leak-Free Solution

The Gates range guarantees leak-free connections between hoses, tubes and adaptors in hydraulic systems across different industries and are designed to withstand extreme pressure in applications where high levels of power are required, such as conveyors, hoists, agricultural machinery and rail rolling stock. With a commitment to longevity, Gates’ hydraulic fittings are the solution to the need for consistent and reliable components that will minimise maintenance time and enable maximum productivity.

Gates’ hydraulic tube fittings are durable and reliable and undergo extensive testing, which establishes them as a market leader and exceeds common industry standards. Protected with a superior anti-corrosive coating to prevent premature deterioration that has been verified by the respected IGOS Institute of Solingen, the Gates range meets international quality standards.
Gates’ hydraulic tube fittings feature a surface coating of zinc-nickel for additional protection against corrosion. Not only will this offer longer life that resists deterioration, but also increases cost-effectiveness, as parts don’t need to be replaced as often, and safety for equipment operators.


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